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    Q&A About Chartering Process

    Q: What kind of resource support may be expected from the Department of Alumni Relations?

    A: The department is currently developing a set of resource materials for chartered groups to use. These materials include the use of the Rutgers internet systems, printing resources, and a volunteer development office.

    1. The online Alumni Leaders Resources guide is in draft form at Please share your suggestions for topics with Dana Shapiro at or 848-932-1968. The department wants to know what chartered groups want for information and training.
    2. A printed resource guide will be developed and distributed. It will be designed to be a best practices “play book” for conducting a volunteer driven organization. Clubs will also have access to a Club Leaders Handbook, which will specifically address best practices for regional clubs.
    3. Tools, resources, and training opportunities will continually be developed to assist chartered groups in their efforts to transform their organization into a volunteer organization.
    4. In addition, upon becoming chartered, chartered groups will still have access to broadcast email, alumni data for mailings, be covered under the university’s umbrella liability insurance, and utilize the online community to communicate with their constituents. 

    What kind of fundraising may chartered groups do for their organizations?

    A: By agreeing to the chartering process, chartered groups will be asked not to charge constituents membership dues, solicit donations for the organization’s operating expenses, or enter into third-party contracts for purposes of receiving royalties. Fees may still be charged for events, etc. Groups are encouraged to develop budgets for the year and fundraise for scholarships and/or capital projects for the university. In lieu of dues, groups are encouraged to charge fees for events, priced to cover the cost of the event per person and generate some additional funds to enable the group to undertake activities such as making deposits to secure venues for future events. Monies received as "donations" from group members directly to the group cannot be counted for gift credit with the Rutgers University Foundation, and such donations to the groups are discouraged. One of the training modules being developed for alumni leaders will cover fundraising activities.

    Q: Will the RUAA provide funding for chartered groups’ events and programs?

    A: In the first few years of existence, the RUAA will not be making grants to groups to fund events, however we will be looking for opportunities to collaborate with groups to maximize alumni engagement.

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