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    Notable Alumni

    For more than 240 years, Rutgers graduates have been making their mark on the world. Rutgers' notable alumni include pioneers in science and medicine, bestselling authors, Nobel Laureates, NASA astronauts, CEOs of major corporations, generals in the U.S. Armed Forces, stage and screen actors, members of U.S. Congress, Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, university presidents, world-renowned poets, professional athletes and coaches, and a vice president of the United States. Their incredible achievements are a testament to Rutgers' tradition of excellence. These distinguished alumni are an inspiration to the Rutgers community and the world at large. We are proud of their outstanding accomplishments and proud to call them Rutgers alumni.

    Arts & Literature
    Alice Aycock DC'68

    Jonathan Carroll RC'71
    Author, Outside the Dog Museum

    Junot Diaz RC'92
    Author, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (Pulitzer Prize)

    Janet Evanovich DC'65

    Richard Florida RC'79
    Author, Speaker

    Elizabeth Cavanna Harrison DC'29
    Author, Mystery at Love's Creek

    Leo Johnson NCAS'99, GSN'05
    Jazz Musician

    Ricardo M. Khan RC'73, MGSA'77
    Co-founder, Director,
    Crossroads Theatre Company

    Alfred Joyce Kilmer RC 1908
    Poet, Soldier

    David L. Kreeger RC'29
    Art Collector

    William Mastrosimone MGSA'80
    Playwright, The Burning Season; Bang, Bang, You're Dead; Extremities

    Robert Pinsky RC'62
    Former U.S. Poet Laureate

    George Segal GSNB'63

    Michael Shaara RC'51
    Author, The Killer Angels (Pulitzer Prize), For Love of the Game; English Literature Professor

    Judith Viorst NCAS'52
    Columnist, Author, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    Gary Brackett CC'03
    Linebacker and Captain, Indianapolis Colts

    Frank R. Burns Jr. ED'49, GSE'64
    Rutgers Football Coach

    Deron L. Cherry CC'81
    Co-Owner, Jacksonville Jaguars; Former NFL Player

    Jon Conway RC'03
    Goalkeeper, New York Red Bulls

    David DeJesus
    Centerfielder, Kansas City Royals

    Quincy Douby 
    Guard, Sacaramento Kings

    Douglas R. Heir CLAW'85
    Paralympic Gold Medalist

    Roy Hinson LC'83
    NBA Basketball Player

    Edward M. Jordan
    Head Coach, Rutgers University Men's Basketball

    Alexi Lalas RC'92
    President, LA Galaxy; Former MLS and U.S. Men's National Soccer Team Player

    Brian Leonard RC'07
    Running Back, St. Louis Rams

    Carli Lloyd RC'06
    U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Player

    Robert A. Nash 1916
    Professional Football Player

    Chelsea Newton RC'05
    Guard, Sacramento Monarchs

    Shaun O'Hara LC'99
    Center and Captain, New York Giants

    Cappie Pondexter RC'06
    Guard, Phoenix Mercury (2007 WNBA Finals MVP)

    L.J. Smith RC'03
    Tight End, Philadelphia Eagles

    David J. Stern RC'63
    NBA Commissioner

    Jeffrey A. Torborg ED'63
    MLB Baseball Manager, Player; Broadcaster

    James T. Valvano RC'67
    College Basketball Coach, Commentator

    David "Sonny" A. Werblin RC'31
    Sports Promoter, Entrepreneur

    Susan J. Wicks CC'88
    WNBA Player, College Basketball Coach

    Eric Young LC'89, RBS'89
    MLB Baseball Player, Commentator

    Business & Industry
    Roger Ackerman ENG 1960, GSNB 1962
    Business Executive, Corning, Inc.

    Jerome Aresty RC'51
    Business Executive

    William W. Austin Jr. RC'59
    CEO, Raleigh America

    Mary L. Baglivo RC'79
    CEO & Chair, Saatchi & Saatchi

    Orville E. Beal NCAS'37, RBS'54
    Former President, Prudential

    Felix M. Beck SB'49, GSM'53
    Chairman and CEO, Margaretten & Co.

    Dennis Bone RBS'84
    President, Verizon New Jersey Inc.

    Lloyd Boston MGSA'94
    Fashion Designer

    Douglas P. Boyd GSNB’68
    CEO, TeleSecurity Sciences Inc.

    Floyd H. Bragg RC'36
    Business Executive

    Charles H. Brower RC'25
    Chair, CEO & President, Batten, Barton, Durstine, and Osborn

    Greg Brown LC'82
    CEO, Motorola

    John J. Byrne Jr. RC'54
    Chair & CEO, GEICO

    John Carrig
    Executive Vice President and CFO, ConocoPhillips

    Jay Chiat ED'53
    Advertising Executive, Chiat/Day

    Lawrence R. Codey RBS'75
    President & COO, PSE&G

    James G. Cullen RC'64
    President and CEO, Bell Atlantic

    Robert A. Druskin RC'69
    COO, Citigroup

    Marc Ecko
    Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Marc Ecko Enterprises

    Mark Fields RC'83
    Chief Executive Officer,
    Ford Motor Company

    Sharon A. Fordham DC'75, CLAW'79
    CEO, Weightwatchers

    Jeanne M. Fox DC'75, CLAW'79
    President, NJ Board of Public Utilities

    Milton Friedman RC'32
    Economist (Nobel Prize Winner)

    Albert R. Gamper Jr. UCN'66
    CEO & Chair, CIT Group

    Ronald W. Giaconia RC'58
    President, Giaconia Life Associates, Inc.

    Arthur M. Goldberg RC'63
    President & CEO, Park Place Entertainment Corp.

    Richard M. Hale AG'44, GSNB'48
    Chair & CEO, Halecrest Company

    John J. Heldrich UCNB'50
    Corporate VP of Administration, Johnson & Johnson; Chair, New Brunswick Tomorrow

    Ralph Izzo RBS'02
    Chair & CEO, Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG)

    James P. Kelly UCN'73
    Chairman and CEO, UPS

    Alfred C. Koeppe NCAS'69
    Chair & CEO, New Jersey Bell Telephone Company; President & CEO, The Newark Alliance

    Alexander S. Kroll RC'62
    Chair & CEO, Young & Rubicam

    Barbara J. Krumsiek DC'74
    President & CEO, The Calvert Group

    Irwin Lerner SB'51, GSM'58
    Chair, President, and CEO, Hoffman-LaRoche

    Gerald H. Lipkin NCAS'63
    President & CEO, Valley National Bank

    Leonor F. Loree RC 1877

    Duncan L. MacMillan RC'66
    Co-Founder, Bloomberg L.P.

    Bernard Marcus PHARM'54
    Co-Founder, The Home Depot; Chair, The Marcus Foundation

    Ernest Mario PHARM'61
    Chair & CEO, Capnia, Inc.

    Julane W. Miller-Armbrister DC'74, SSW'79
    President & CEO, Plainfield Health Center, Social Activist

    Robert E. Mortensen ED'63
    President and Chair, Merchants Despatch Transportation Corp.; Humanitarian

    Gene Muller CCAS'77
    Founder and General Manager, Flying Fish Brewing Company

    Janet Lippe Norwood DC'45

    Eugene M. O'Hara UCN'62
    CFO, Prudential

    Randal Pinkett ENG'94
    Founder, President & CEO, BCT Partners; Winner, The Apprentice

    Thomas A. Renyi RC'67, GSM'68
    Chair & CEO, The Bank of New York Company

    Alvin J. Rockoff RC'49
    President, Rockoff-Bear Associates

    John S. Ruggieri CCAS'68
    Managing Partner, Transworld Business Brokers of Central Florida; President, Sundance Graphics

    Barry Schuler RC'76
    Chair and CEO, AOL

    Carole Frandsen St. Mark DC'65
    President, Growth Management; Former CEO, Pitney Bowes Business Services

    Marci Tapper RC'94
    VP, Marc Ecko Enterprises

    Steven Temares RC'80
    CEO, Bed Bath & Beyond

    Harry J. Volk RC'27, NLAW'30
    Chair & CEO, Union Bank

    Community Outreach & Philanthropy
    Margaret Ayers DC'63
    Social Activist, Women's Rights & the Arts

    Elise Biorn-Hansen Boulding DC'40
    Sociologist, Social Activist

    Barbara Bell Coleman NCAS'74
    Social Activist

    Robert Curvin NCAS'60, SSW'67
    Political Scientist, Advocate for the Poor

    Robert E. Lloyd RC'72
    Chair, The V Foundation

    George W. Mamo CCAS'76

    Morris Milgram NCAS'39
    Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Advocate

    Ralph W. Voorhees ED'48
    Community Leader

    Adelaide Marcus Zagoren DC'40
    Community Leader

    Science & Technology
    Abraham Abuchowski CCAS 1970, GSNB 1975
    Biochemist, Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

    Adrienne Anderson DC'45
    Engineer, Higher Education Advocate

    F. Herbert Bormann AG'48

    Lester R. Brown AG'55
    Agronomist, Environmentalist

    Patricia Smith Campbell DC'63
    Pharmaceutical Chemist

    Stanley Norman Cohen RC'56

    Simeon DeWitt QC 1776
    Geographer for George Washington, Revolutionary War

    Rene J. Dubos GSNB'27
    Microbiologist, Environmentalist

    C. Reed Funk GSNB'62
    Turf-grass Breeder, Researcher, Professor

    Matthew P. Golombek RC'76
    Geologist, NASA Scientist

    Terry Jonathan Hart GSNB'78
    NASA Astronaut

    George William Hill RC 1859
    Astronomer, Mathematician

    Irwin M. Lachman ENG'52
    Ceramic Engineer

    Edward V. Lipman AG'33, GSNB'39

    Jacob J. Lipman RC 1898
    Soil Scientist, Dean of the College of Agriculture

    Malcolm G. McLaren IV ENG'50, GSNB'51, '62
    Professor, Ceramic Engineer

    Ratemo W. Michieka CC'74, GSE'75, GSNB'78
    Educator, Agriculturalist

    Charles Molnar ENG'56, GSNB'57 
    Inventor of Personal Computer

    James Neilson RC 1866
    Farming Pioneer

    Nathan M. Newmark ENG'30
    Educator, Civil Engineer

    James J. O'Brien RC'57
    Meteorologist, Oceanographer

    John A. Pino AG'44, GSNB'51
    Senior Research Fellow, National Academy of Sciences

    Thomas Reid AG'36
    Founder, Life Science Research at 3M

    Mario Runco Jr. GSNB'76
    NASA Astronaut

    Carl Safina GSNB'82, '87

    Albert Schatz AG'42, '45
    Co-Discoverer of Streptomycin

    Peter C. Schultz ENG'64, GSNB'67
    Inventor, Engineer, Business Executive

    William Trager RC'30
    Parasitologist, Malaria Expert

    Selman A. Waksman RC'15
    Microbiologist (Nobel Prize Winner)

    Monroe Wall AG'36, GSNB'38, '39

    H. Boyd Woodruff AG'39, GSNB'42

    Andrea Anders MGSA'01
    Actor, Joey, The Class

    Roger Bart MGSA'85
    Actor, Young Frankenstein; The Producers; Desperate Housewives; You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Tony Award)

    Mario F. Batali RC'82
    Chef, Restaurateur, TV Host, Writer

    Bill Bellamy LC'89
    Comedian; Actor, How to Be a Player, Fastlane; TV Host, Last Comic Standing

    Laurie Berkner RC'91
    Children's Musician

    Avery F. Brooks LC'73, MGSA'76
    Actor, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Spenser: For Hire; Professor of Theater Arts

    Kristin Davis MGSA'87
    Actor, Sex and the City, Melrose Place

    Tim DeKay MGSA'90
    Actor, Tell Me You Love Me, Carnivale, Seinfeld

    Calista Flockhart MGSA'88
    Actor, Ally McBeal (Golden Globe), Brothers & Sisters

    James Gandolfini RC'83
    Actor, The Sopranos (4 Emmy Awards, Golden Globe), A Civil Action, The Last Castle, 8MM, Crimson Tide, Fallen

    Judy Gold RC'84
    Comedian; Actor, All-American Girl

    Frank Iero
    Guitarist, My Chemical Romance

    Oswald "Ozzie" Nelson RC'27, NLAW'30
    Musician, Actor, TV Producer, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

    Tom Pelphrey MGSA'04
    Actor, Guiding Light (2 Emmy Awards)

    Lyle Preslar NLAW'07
    Guitarist, Minor Threat

    Molly Price MGSA'88
    Actor, Third Watch, Bionic Woman, Law & Order

    Robert Pulcini CCAS'89
    Screenwriter and Director, American Splendor, The Nanny Diaries

    Paris Qualles RC'74
    Screenwriter, A Raisin in the Sun, The Tuskegee Airmen

    Sheryl Lee Ralph RC'75
    Actor, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Dreamgirls

    Paul Robeson RC'19
    Actor, Singer, Athlete, Activist

    Gregg Spiridellis LC'93, RBS'93
    Co-founder, JibJab

    Dina Spybey MGSA'91
    Actor, Six Feet Under, Men Behaving Badly, Lifestories: Families in Crisis (Emmy Award)

    Sebastian Stan MGSA'05
    Actor, The Education of Charlie Banks

    Aaron Stanford MGSA'00
    Actor, X-Men, Tadpole, The Hills Have Eyes, Traveler

    Raymond O. Stark RC'35
    Producer, Funny Girl, The Goodbye Girl, Biloxi Blues, Annie

    Terry Stewart ENG'69
    President and CEO,
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    James Tupper MGSA'96
    Actor, Men in Trees

    Government & Politics

    Phillip Alampi AG'34, GSE'45
    NJ Secretary of Agriculture,
    "Mr. Garden State"

    Harland Bartholomew ENG'11
    City Planner

    Arthur R. Brown Jr. GSNB'77
    NJ Secretary of Agriculture

    William T. Cahill CLAW'37
    NJ Governor

    Clifford P. Case RC'25
    U.S. Senator

    Ida L. Castro GSNB'78, NLAW'82
    Commissioner, NJ Department of Personnel

    John P. Clum RC 1874

    James J. Florio CLAW'67
    NJ Governor

    Louis Freeh RC'71, NLAW'74
    FBI Director

    Frederick T. Frelinghuysen RC 1836
    U.S. Senator, Secretary of State

    Robert Garagiola RC'94
    Maryland State Senator

    Scott Garrett CLAW'84
    U.S. Congressman

    Aurelia Green LC'74
    New York State Assemblymember

    William Elliot Griffis RC 1869
    American Japanist

    Garret Augustus Hobart RC 1863
    U.S. Vice President

    Arthur J. Holland UCNB'54, GSNB'59
    Mayor of Trenton

    Richard J. Hughes NLAW'31
    NJ Governor; Chief Justice, State Supreme Court

    William J. Hughes RC'55, CLAW'58
    U.S. Congressman,
    Ambassador to Panama

    Samuel B. Judah QC 1816
    U.S. District Attorney, First Jewish Graduate

    Robert Menendez NLAW'79
    U.S. Senator

    Anne Milgram RC'92
    Attorney General, New Jersey

    John Howard Morrow RC'31
    U.S. Ambassador, Professor of Romance Languages

    Susan Ness DC'70
    Chair, Federal Communications Commission

    William Newell RC 1836
    White House Physician, NJ Governor

    Hazel R. O'Leary NLAW'66
    U.S. Secretary of Energy

    Frank Pallone Jr. CLAW'78
    U.S. Congressman

    Dana Redd SBC'96
    Mayor, Camden, NJ

    Peter W. Rodino NLAW'37
    U.S. Congressman

    James Schureman QC 1775
    Member of the Continental Congress

    Robert Torricelli RC'74, NLAW'77
    U.S. Senator

    Foster McGowan Voorhees RC 1876
    Reformer, New Jersey Governor

    Elizabeth Warren NLAW'76
    Chair, Congressional Oversight Panel

    Melanie L. Willoughby RC'76
    Government Affairs Leader

    Health Care & Medicine

    Walter G. Alexander II ENG'43
    Dentistry Pioneer

    Charles P. Bailey RC'30
    Surgeon, Open-heart Surgery Pioneer

    Sol J. Barer GSNB'70, '74
    Biopharmaceutical Executive,
    Research Scientist

    Dorothy W. Cantor GSAPP'76
    National Leader in Psychology

    David L. Cowen RC'30, GSNB'31
    Historian of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Louis Gluck RC'48

    Michael Gottlieb RC'69
    AIDS Researcher

    Jean Coghlan Griswold DC'52, GSE'56
    Health Services Entrepreneur

    Washington C. Hill CCAS'61

    Mir Imran ENG'77
    Chairman & CEO, InCube Laboratories

    Paul "Pete" Jennings RC'45
    Cardiologist, Educator, Author

    Clifton R. Lacy LC'75
    Commissioner, Department of
    Health and Senior Services

    Louis Lasagna RC'43
    Clinical Pharmacologist

    Beverly L. Malone GSNB'72
    General Secretary, Royal College of Nursing

    Yolanda Jones Mapp DC'53
    Physician, Professor of Medicine

    Elizabeth M. Norman NUR'73
    Nurse, Author, Professor

    Herbert Pardes RC'56
    President & CEO, New York
    Presbyterian Hospital

    Norman Reitman RC'32
    Cardiologist, Educator

    Philip S. Schein RC'61
    Professor, Cancer Researcher

    Donna L. Wong NUR'70
    Doctor, Pediatric Nurse, Author, Researcher

    Law & Justice
    Fannie Bear Besser NLAW'20
    Attorney, Social Justice Advocate Elizabeth Blume-Silverstein NLAW'11

    Joseph P. Bradley RC 1836
    U.S. Supreme Court Justice

    Leonie Milhomme Brinkema DC'66, SCILS'70
    U.S. District Court Judge

    James Dickson Carr RC 1892
    Attorney, First African-American Graduate

    Kevin J. Collins NLAW'64
    Attorney, Investment Banker

    Jaynee LaVecchia DC'76, NLAW'79
    NJ Supreme Court Justice

    Virginia Long NLAW'66
    NJ Supreme Court Justice

    Marilyn J. Morheuser NLAW'73
    Attorney, Education Activist

    David A. Morse RC'29
    Attorney, Labor Leader (Nobel Prize Winner)

    Sylvia B. Pressler NLAW'59
    Presiding Judge, NJ Superior Court, Appellate Division

    Eduardo C. Robreno CLAW'78
    U.S. District Court Judge

    Joseph H. Rodriguez CLAW'58
    Federal Judge

    Gregory Kellam Scott AG'70, GSE'71
    Colorado Supreme Court Justice

    News & Media
    Martin Agronsky RC 1936
    Host, PBS Television's Agronsky & Company

    Richard Aregood CCAS'65
    Senior VP of Communications, The Marcus Group; Editorial Writer, The Philadelphia Daily News (Pulitzer Prize)

    Richard H. Askin RC'69
    Chair & CEO, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

    Samuel Blackman RC'27, GSNB'30
    Editor, The Associated Press

    Adriana Bosch NCAS'77
    Documentary Filmmaker, Fidel Castro

    Ruth Ann Burns DC'67, GSNB'75
    VP and Director, Thirteen/WNET's Educational Resources Center

    Alfred Edmond RC'83
    VP, Editor, Earl G. Graves Publishing

    Bernard R. Goldberg RC'67
    Author, TV Journalist (8 Emmy Awards)

    Sandra Guzman RC'86
    Editor in Chief, Latina Magazine

    Jerry Izenberg NCAS'52
    Sportswriter and Columnist Emeritus, The Star-Ledger

    Herb Jaffe NCAS'54
    Legal Affairs Editor, The Star-Ledger

    Natalie Morales RC'94
    TV Journalist, NBC's Today

    Michele Promaulayko RC'93
    Executive Editor, Cosmopolitan

    Rebecca Quick RC'93
    Co-Anchor, CNBC's Squawk Box

    William F. Rasmussen RBS'60
    Founder, ESPN

    Mike Taibbi RC'71
    Correspondent, NBC News

    Luke Visconti CC'82
    Co-Founder and Partner, DiversityInc Media

    William B. Ziff Jr. RC'55
    Chair, Ziff Communications


    Julia Baxter Bates DC'38
    Educator, Reformer

    Philip Milledoler Brett RC 1892
    Rutgers President, Attorney

    Anthony J. Catanes RC'63
    President, Florida Institute of Technology

    Carol Tecla Christ DC'66
    President, Smith College

    Richard Cost GSE'77
    President, University of Maine at Fort Kent

    Spencer R. Crew GSNB'73, '79
    Executive Director & CEO, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

    William H.S. Demarest RC 1883
    Rutgers President

    Alexander Johnston RC 1870
    American Historian, Professor, Author

    William English Kirwan II GSNB'62, '64
    President, University of Maryland

    Margaret Marsh CCAS’67, GSNB’69, ’74
    Historian, Dean at Rutgers–Camden

    Richard P. McCormick RC'38, GSNB'40
    Historian, Professor

    David Murray RC 1873
    Rutgers Professor and Trustee

    Roy Franklin Nichols RC'18

    Elsa Nuñez GSE'79
    President, Eastern Connecticut State University

    Remigio U. Pane RC'38, GSNB'39
    Professor of Romance Languages

    Clement A. Price GSNB'75
    Historian, Professor

    Carl Woodward RC'14, '19
    University of Rhode Island President

    Richard A. Levao RC'70
    President, Bloomfield College

    Edison O. Jackson GSE'83
    President, Medgar Evers College of CUNY


    Stanley F. Cherrie RC'64
    Brigadier General, U.S. Army

    Jack H. Jacobs RC'66, GSNB'72
    Colonel, U.S. Military

    Robert E. Kelley ED'56
    Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force

    Frederick J. Kroesen RC'44
    Four-Star General, U.S. Army

    Laurance Leeds ENG'34
    Inventor, U.S. Army Colonel

    Clark V. Poling RC'33
    Chaplain, U.S. Army

    George Henry Sharpe RC 1847, 1850
    Union Army Major General, U.S. Marshal

    Stanley Marcus RC'51
    Purple Heart, Bronze Star, French Legion of Honor Medal for Service in World War II

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