The RUAA Presents: 2016 Adventures


Experience Cuba–January 22 to 30
Land Tour | Florida Keys Tree Institute
Rutgers alumni can enjoy an exclusive, cultural exchange with their family and friends that will include visiting the magical UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Heritage sites of Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and old Havana. While there, you will learn about the people, their art and architecture, antiquities, agricultural gardens, music, and the “day to day” lifestyles in these historical cities. Learn more

Pacific Dreams-Tahitian Islands–January 25 to February 4
Ocean Cruise | Go Next
French Polynesia evokes images of vivid beauty: towering emerald mountain peaks, sparkling neon-blue lagoons and silky white-sand beaches. Experience one of the world’s most exotic destinations as Oceania Cruises’ graceful Marina takes you to the dreamy islands of the South Pacific. Learn more | View the trip brochure

Waterways and Canals of Holland and BelgiumApril 7 to 15

River Cruise | AHI
There is no better way to experience the beauty, history and culture of Holland and Belgium than by cruising their legendary waterways. Travel into the heart of one of Europe's most colorful and fascinating regions with a unique educational program that creatively combines learning, recreation, relaxation, and fellowship aboard a stylish and modern vessel, the MS Amadeus Silver. Learn more | View the trip brochure

Italy's Magnificent Lake District–April 26 to May 4
River Cruise | AHI
Where Italy kisses Switzerland, glacial lakes sparkle in the sun. Surrounded by the foothills of the Alps, the lakes are abundant with lush vistas. This region of Italy -- formally known as Lombardy, but also called the Lake District -- has long been a favorite of artists and writers as well as a center of commerce since the Middle Ages. Learn more | View the trip brochure

Portugal-Porto and Lisbon–April 29 to May 8
Land Tour | AHI
Portugal may share the Iberian peninsula with Spain, but this small country has a big culture of its own. Discover the heritage of Portugal, influenced by its strong ties with the sea. From its shores, explorers launched world-changing journeys and opened the doors of Europe to jewels, precious metals and spices of the New World. Learn more | View the trip brochure

Mediterranean Wonders and Waterways–May 11 to 21
Ocean Cruise | Go Next
Encounter the Mediterranean’s classic wonders and waterways, from idyllic landscapes draped
in wildflowers and olive groves to winding canals crossed by gracefully arched bridges. 
Learn more | View the trip brochure

The Danube by River Ship–May 25 to June 3
River Cruise | Orbridge
Before embarkation, spend one night in spectacular Prague. Then embark in Nuremberg for a river ship voyage along the Danube River, from sleepy villages nestled beneath monumental fortresses through some of Europe’s most charming cities. 
Learn more | View the trip brochure

Paris Immersion–June 5 to 16
Land Tour | AHI
Paris earned its nickname, the City of Light, because it embraced education and the exploration of new ideas during the Enlightenment. Today, Paris still is unparalleled in its cultural wealth. Filled with museums displaying artistic masterpieces and significant artifacts, beautiful architecture and the best restaurants, the city beckons all who are in search of the finest things. Learn more |  View the trip brochure

Croatia's Adriatic Coast–June 27 to July 8

Land Tour | AHI
Experience the diverse, scenic landscapes and the vibrant cultural heritage of Croatia, a treasure trove of historic cities, pristine parkland and mile after mile of sun-drenched Adriatic coastline. On a 10-night journey, explore the best of this crossroads of central Europe and the Mediterranean. Learn moreView the trip brochure

Glacier Splendors of Alaska–July 3 to 10
Ocean Cruise | AHI
Cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage on an epic journey that allows ample time to explore the rich wonders of Alaska and the northern coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Glacial lands, majestic mountains, gold-mining towns, Inuit and Yupik culture and a frontier-like atmosphere – this is a vast expanse of incredible natural beauty and culture. Learn moreView the trip brochure

Ireland-Westport–September 6 to 14
Land Tour | AHI
Forge a path through County Mayo in the remote, northwest corner of Ireland. From your base in Westport, a winsome Georgian town, embark on a special journey steeped in Irish culture. Discover both rural traditions and Ireland's famous literary and musical heritage.                               Learn moreView the trip brochure

The Galapagos Islands–September 7 to 14
Ocean Cruise | Orbridge
Feel the thrill of encountering the flora and fauna that famously inspired Darwin—and in his footsteps, generations of nature lovers. Undiscovered by Europeans until the 16th century, the Galapagos Islands hold a central position in modern scientific and evolutionary history. 
Learn more | View the trip brochure

Italy-Sorrento–September 21 to 29
River Cruise | AHI
The stunning region of Campania, with its dazzling wealth of antiques and breathtaking natural wonders, has been home to writers, artists and emperors for over 2,000 years. Discover the many treasures of this spectacular province, from the quaint cafes and lemon groves of Sorrento to the sun-drenched Isle of Capri. Learn moreView the trip brochure

Flavors of Sicily–September 29 to October 7
Land Tour | Orbridge
No other island pulls you in as tightly and feeds the soul so completely as Sicily. Dive into the complex layers of Sicilian lore forged from a marriage of contrasts. Tour Sicily’s main attractions, admire the stunning surroundings, and relax in the comforts of 5-star San Domenico Palace Hotel, built in an ancient Dominican monastery on a rocky hillside on the east coast of Sicily. Learn more | View the trip brochure

Canary Island Celebration–October 5 to 18
Ocean Cruise | AHI
Sail from Rome to Lisbon while encountering a tantalizing array of ports and cultures. Experience sophisticated Monte Carlo, bustling Barcelona, historic Cartagena, treasured Tangiers, timeless Casablanca and the beautiful Canary Islands and Madeira Island before finally arriving in captivating Lisbon. Learn moreView the trip brochure

France-Rhone Valley and French Alps–October 10 to 18
Land Tour | AHI
Sitting at the confluence of the gentle Saone and fast-flowing Rhone rivers, the city of Lyon has been a center of commerce, art, architecture, and, most famously, food over the centuries since it was founded more than 2,000 years ago. Let Lyon be your home during this exploration of one of France's most celebrated regions: The Rhone-Alpes, of which Lyon is the capital. 
Learn moreView the trip brochure

Mediterranean Pathways and Piazzas–October 14 to 22

Ocean Cruise | Go Next
Starting in Naples, Italy and ending in Provence, France, travelers will explore beautiful lands and taste the many flavors of the Mediterranean. Learn more

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