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Tuesday, February 16 2010 08:40:30 AM

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Scarlet Hearts Contest! Couple number 10, the Fuzers, won with the most Facebook votes at
Listed below is the Fuzer's story as well as the other 11 finalists. All stories are provided by the contestants.

10. Eileen Smart Fuzer sch
I met my husband at a frat party of all places. TEP was the place to be at Rutgers Camden campus on the weekend. We also enjoyed hanging out at the campus center and the Grille. We started dating more seriously after I graduated and after Dan was done chiropractic school. We married and held our reception in Harbou...r League Club which overlooked Camden and the campus, where we first met. Our bridal parties were made up of Rutgers grads and fellow fellow fraternity and sorority sisters ( D Phi E!) We were married by Father Pat Lavin who was the Rutgers chaplain during our college years. Our first child was donned in Rutgers red from the start and is currently a sophomore in the Rutgers New Brunswick campus!

1. Christine Wiest
I got in a car accident the summer before I was supposed to go to college so I ended up going to Rutgers instead of University of Tampa. Somehow, my mom got me into Douglass College a mere month before school started. I cried incredibly hard when I realized I was no longer going to run away to warm, sunny Florida. However, junior year I was introduced to my now fiancé at a friend’s house where he claimed to have fallen in love with me at first sight (I had no idea. I thought he looked petrified of me!). We’ve been together for over 4 incredibly happy years, and we’re getting married this summer. We picked up in our car and moved across the country to sunny San Diego together so several years later not only do I get to live in my dream location, but I get to be here with my soul mate, too. Now I know everything happens for a reason (and thank you, Rutgers!).

2. Barry Dreikorn
We met on a 103 Public Service bus on Saturday, February 13, 1960. I was a foil fencer on the Rutgers Fencing team and she had attended the match as one of our few spectators. She had left the match early and asked me who won and I replied “We did, of course”. We were both chemistry majors and met again in an analytical chemistry lab where we shared a lab bench at different times. She was neat and I wasn’t. Love blossomed and we married on June 8, 1962, went off to graduate school at U. of Penn, found a research position at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, and life flourished from there.

3. Giselle Hernandez Fong
Hi everyone! Here's our story: My husband and I met in 1990. He was a neighbor across the hall in the Busch suites. I was a liberal arts major (RC’93) and he was an engineer (EC ’92). I didn’t have my own computer yet and was using the computers labs at all hours. His roommate introduced us and "Hubby" gave me access... to his computer. We became fast friends. I moved to Hardenburgh Hall on the CAC for a semester and we briefly lost touch. After moving back to the Busch suites, we reconnected and had our first date at Old Man Rafferty’s on Valentine’s Day in 1992. He gave me lots of support during my years at Rutgers Law School and we finally tied the knot in 2002. We now have a beautiful baby daughter who will (hopefully be) a part of the Rutgers Class of 2031! See picture below.

4. Peter and Phyllis Hawkins
October 5, 1972. I'm late to Frau Neuse's German I class because I stayed too long talking to my friends at lunch. Antilles Field. Trees just beginning to turn orange. I see a guy in the near distance picking up pieces of wood. As I pass, he looks up and says, "Hello." Blue eyes. Tall and thin. Dark, longish hair. Exactly my idea of gorgeousness. I stop running and forget about Frau Neuse. I ask about the wood, and he tells me it used to be a free-standing doorway for art class. The point was to see where you envisioned walls as you walked through. He says he always mentally placed the walls behind him. I think about it for a minute and tell him that's where I would see the walls, too. I won't bore everyone with the rest of our conversation, but it's amazing how everything about that beautiful autumn afternoon is still so very clear to me nearly forty years later. We grew up going to so many of the same places as children, and at college we were often at the same parties and rugby games. We never so much as laid eyes on each other. If we had met at another time in different circumstances, would the wonderful, romantic outcome have been the same? I don't know. What I do know is that I'm thankful that our fate was to meet when we did: on Antilles Field beside a broken doorway with the walls behind us. See picture below.

5. Deb Navata Urban
My husband and I met in 1990 during my freshman year (his sophomore year). We both lived on the 2nd floor of Brett Hall on College Ave. Two of my friends also met their future husbands on our floor that same year! He proposed a month after I graduated during a romantic dinner down the street at La Fontana (sadly, no lo...nger there). During each of my pregnancies, we would always come back to the grease trucks whenever I got a craving for a gyro! We now have 3 beauftiful boys that enjoy coming to Rutgers football games! See picture below.

6. Kristen Willems Tietjen
We met my sophmore year I worked as security in the Nicholas lobby while my now husband and the best man at our wedding were freshman residents. For months he stopped in the lobby and found reasons to talk to me until I agreed to go out with him. That was 8 years ago, our wedding was 18 months ago. 5 of the 7 people... standing behind us in the bridal party also graduated Rutgers, including the best man who was there at the begining of our relationship telling us he knew we would be married well before we did. See picture below.

7. Mr.Idonije Doni Arumemi
Meet...well saw her during her freshmen year (she was my eye candy) but didnt speak until her Jr. Year. The story goes...during her 2nd year my 3rd I was a TA for Intro to Labor Studies and we were assigned groups of students. I noticed that she was part of a group that my high school friend had so I decided to switch ...groups with him so I could be her TA (call it what you want but I had to do it)lol. Well one would think that she would get an A automatically however, that was not the case. Not only was I her TA but we also worked student safety together on Livingston where we both stayed. I decided only night to give her my number well needless to say she did not use it. The only time she used it was dispute the "B" she received during Intro to Labor Studies and from then on we started talking as friends. It would not manifest into a meaningful relationship until I graduated in 2004. Now were married with our first child. All because of a little switch in groups. Thanks Keith! See picture below.

8. Sheryl Stein
Met in '86 when we were both working in the student center on college ave (NB.) we became friends -- he read my columns in the caellian, and i listened (once) to his radio show on WRSU. finally, ended up in an american cinema class spring of our senior year. sat together because we knew each other. i started to like hi...m; he started to like me. i asked him if he wanted to get a cup of coffee after the tuesday night film part of class; he said "no!" a few weeks later, i asked him again if he wanted to go out for a cup of coffee after class; again, he said "no!" i started to wonder whether i was mixing up my signals; i was sure he liked me. we ended up dating after the WRSU end of the year party. i asked him: "i kept asking you out for a cup of coffee after class. if you liked me so much, how come you said no every time?" his answer? "i don't drink coffee." he's still "mr. semantics," my non-coffee-drinking, literal husband, almost 20 years later. ?

11. Louise Reilly Saletta
My freshman year at Douglass my best friend responded to an ad in the Livingston Medium (!) from a Rutgers sophomore and gave my DPO address for the response. The ad read: "My mailbox is lonely, please mail me some letters." and so began a POBox correspondence for several years before meeting in person. (Apparently I not the only pen pal!) We began dating my junior year, my campus sweetie graduated in '89 and I graduated in '90 and we married at Voorhees Chapel in '92 and we will happily celebrate our 18th anniversary this year. Passion Puddle must really be magic and Rutgers will always hold a special place in our hearts ?

12. Jan Oosting Kaminsky
We met my junior year after returning from study abroad in South Africa- her senior year (2000). I graduated from Douglass and Samantha from RC, so it was a cross-campus match! :) We met through mutual friends when we were all involved with activism on campus and we have been together for 10 years (married in 2003). We no...w have two wonderful boys who we are brainwashing early to go to Rutgers! My profile pic is of the family - I am on the right and Sam on the left (same in the pic below). See picture below.

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Monday, February 01 2010 11:12:41 AM

Love is in the air in February, especially if you visit Passion Puddle. Legend has it that if a male from Cook College and a female from Douglass College hold hands and walk around the water three times, they will be engaged soon. Passion Puddle is not only for love. Students often stop between their classes to read and relax and professors may hold classes on the lawn in the spring. Passion Puddle was formed by damming natural springs that are the headwaters of a small creek.

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