• Dennis M. Bone RBS’84

    • President of Verizon New Jersey

    • Guided Verizon through a decade of progressive change, including the launch of an advanced fiber-optic network (FiOS) that revolutionized the telecommunications industry in New Jersey and nationwide

    • An enterprising leader in Verizon’s successful efforts to break down the old telecommunications monopolies, paving the way for consumers to have more choices

    • Dedicated to civic development, serves as chair of the New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission and of the nonprofit Choose New Jersey

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  • Flora D. Darpino CLAW’86

    • Commander of the U.S. Army Legal Services Agency and chief judge of the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals

    • A tenacious leader in the Army’s herculean Rule of Law efforts in Iraq, serving in combat and as the senior military attorney during the rebuilding efforts

    • Helped to lay the foundation for the people of Iraq to begin transforming their nation from an oppressed dictatorship into the emerging society that it is today

    • Promoted to Brigadier General in 2011 in recognition of her distinguished record of achievement in a series of challenging leadership assignments

  • George C. Hill CCAS’61

    • Expert in the microbiology of infectious disease

    • Conducted groundbreaking research to advance biomedical science worldwide, resulting in a broader understanding of the tsetse fly-transmitted “African sleeping sickness”

    • Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology

    • Promotes opportunities in medicine and the biomedical sciences for underrepresented minority students at Vanderbilt and nationwide as the assistant vice chancellor for multicultural affairs

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  • Kathryn L. Holloway CCAS’80

    • Neurosurgery pioneer who introduced new platforms for the delivery of life-saving technologies

    • Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and chief of neurosurgery at Hunter Holmes McGuire V.A. Medical Center in Richmond

    • Developed a new approach to deep brain stimulation, which treats Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders

    • A trailblazing doctor, teacher, and researcher who is one of only 100 functional neurosurgeons in the country

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  • David E. Schuller RC’66 

    • A lifesaving oncologist and internationally renowned expert in treating cancers of the head and neck

    • Longtime leader at The Ohio State University Medical Center, currently serving as vice president of medical center expansion, the John W. Wolfe Chair in Cancer Research, CEO emeritus of The James, and director emeritus of the Comprehensive Cancer Center

    • Introduced a new therapy for the second most common malignancy in the world, doubling survival rates and changing the international standard of care

    • Served as president of the American Board of Otolaryngology and is currently the co-chair of the National Cancer Institute Head and Neck Steering Committee

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