Southwest National Parks
Jun 17
Jun 17, 2017 to Jun 26, 2017
Land Tour

Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the American Southwest, discovering the geological wonders of our national parks including visits to Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon.

Exclusive All BIG 10 Alaska Cruise
Jun 20
Jun 20, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017
Ocean Cruise

SOLD OUT—Wait List Available. Join alumni and friends from the 14 Big Ten universities while taking in the astounding beauty of Alaska, a serene wonderland where breathtaking glaciers rise above sparkling blue seas and majestic mountains frame lush forests.

Cruise the Rhine River: Amsterdam to Basel
Jul 10
Jul 10, 2017 to Jul 18, 2017
River Cruise

Enjoy an intimate view of European history as you glide along this ancient trading route, and lose yourself in an old-world river lifestyle studded with medieval sites.

Polar Bears and Beluga Whales: Canada
Aug 16
Aug 16, 2017 to Aug 23, 2017
Land Tour

Known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World," Churchill, Manitoba is famous for these majestic animals, who spend summer and fall on the local shores before returning to the pack ice in early winter.

An Insider's Perspective: Chicago
Aug 27
Aug 27, 2017 to Sep 1, 2017
Land Tour

Experience the culture and history of the windy city from a local's perspective.

Alpine Idyll: Switzerland
Sep 13
Sep 13, 2017 to Sep 23, 2017
Land Tour

Explore the timeless magic of Alpine vistas, glacial lakes and medieval castles.

Young Alumni: Iceland Expedition
Oct 06
Oct 6, 2017 to Oct 9, 2017
Land Tour

Walk in the footsteps of your favorite Game of Thrones characters, get to know Iceland’s natural treasures, and take a plunge into the Blue Lagoon.

Mediterranean Radience: Rome to Monte Carlo
Oct 07
Oct 7, 2017 to Oct 17, 2017
Ocean Cruise

Cruise the Mediterranean and experience Italy, France, Spain and Monaco aboard the â€‹Riviera.

Flavors of Spain
Oct 14
Oct 14, 2017 to Oct 22, 2017
Land Tour

Catalonia is home to some of Spain's most delicious treasures. Dive deep into the diverse flavors of this unique region as you learn about the history and culture that shaped these Iberian seaside villages and their friendly people.

Walk Through History: Normandy
Oct 16
Oct 16, 2017 to Oct 24, 2017
Land Tour

Walk through history on this exclusive journey through Normandy. Feast on regional fare and wine as your French adventure takes you to the hills that have seen history change course.

Cruise Coastal New Zealand
Feb 20
Feb 20, 2018 to Mar 7, 2018
Set sail for 13 nights aboard the deluxe Azamara Journey. Begin in Auckland, New Zealand; cruise to colorful ports; sail the pristine Milford Sound; and experience Sydney, Australia. This adventure includes an exclusive AzAmazing Evening and all meals. Best of all, enjoy longer stays and more overnights in select ports.
Cuba: Art, Culture & People
Apr 09
Apr 9, 2018 to Apr 16, 2018
Land Tour

Discover Cuba’s highlights, architecture, music and culture for eight nights during stays in Miami, Havana and Cienfuegos.

Romance of the Douro River
Jul 12
Jul 12, 2018 to Jul 23, 2018

Explore the remarkable cities and towns of Portugal on this enriching journey that showcases the country’s history and heritage.

Italian Riviera
Oct 06
Oct 6, 2018 to Oct 14, 2018
Land Tour

Italy’s Riviera is a region known for its sparkling sea, sun-drenched beaches and charming towns. Experience delight as you explore alluring towns, historic cities and enjoy an enrichment program focusing on the region’s art, culture and heritage.