Tools for Planning an Alumni Event

From finding a meeting space to getting the word out to your constituents, this guide will provide you with the resources you need to plan a successful alumni event. Just remember, University approved logos must be used for all email, printing, giveaways, etc. Logos and artwork may be requested by sending an email to Choose from one of the options below to get started.

Planning Your Event
Promoting Your Event

Planning Your Event

Universitywide and Alternative Venues

When looking for meeting and event space, consider the relationship you and/or your alumni organization have on campus. Individual schools often have classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, and lounges that might work well as your event venue and can be arranged through the individual school.

Download the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Venue Guide
Download the Rutgers University–Newark Venue Guide
Download the Rutgers University–Camden Venue Guide

    For inexpensive alternatives to on-campus space, consider options throughout the area in which your alumni organization is located. These might include but are not limited to:

    • Local public libraries
    • Community houses
    • YMCA/JCC or other similar facilities
    • Lodges (Elks, Veterans, etc.)
    • Gyms or sports clubs
    • Coffee shops 
    • Houses of worship
    • Restaurants or bars (many have private rooms)
    • Corporate meeting or office space (employers may allow employees to use office space for nonprofit purposes)

    Rutgers University Press Authors

    Rutgers University Press publishes many authors who are willing to appear at alumni chapter events. Its authors are academics and experts in a wide array of disciplines within the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Other authors specialize in New Jersey and the surrounding region.

    To have a Rutgers University Press author speak at a meeting, contact Sara Henning-Stout at for details. Some authors bring their own books, while others require the organization to purchase the books in advance. Competitive bulk discount pricing is available.

    Engaging a Rutgers Speaker

    Rutgers University faculty and staff are notable authorities in their respective disciplines and are excellent resources who can share their insights during your lecture series, workshops, and public dialogues. These scholars are prepared to share their knowledge on a wide variety of subjects that include the social sciences, global issues, health, law, physical sciences, public policy, technology, and much more.

    Please notify alumni relations staff regarding any events that include a Rutgers speaker and they can help promote the event to all appropriate audiences.

    Rutgers University–New Brunswick
    Email or call 732-932-7823, press option 2.
    Rutgers Unviersity–Camden
    Contact the Rutgers–Camden Communications Office at 856-225-6627.
    Rutgers University–Newark
    Faculty experts are listed online (by topic). Contact individual academic departments for more information.

    Speaking on Behalf of Rutgers

    As an alumni leader you are an ambassador for Rutgers every day, and when you speak at your chartered organization meetings, events, and activities, you are speaking on behalf of Rutgers University. These resources can help you be a more effective ambassador as you speak with other Rutgers alumni, professional colleagues, prospective students and their parents, community groups, neighbors, legislators and others interested in the university.

    Rutgers Exhibit Kit

    A package of display materials is available for use at meetings, conferences, receptions, and other types of public events. This kit includes table coverings, banners, podium signs, and other items that showcase Rutgers. To request materials, please complete the Exhibit Kit Request Form at least five business days prior to the date needed.

    Please note: The Exhibit Kits will only be released to Rutgers University staff. Therefore, when completing the “Person picking up materials (if different from requester)” section of the form, please insert your RUAA staff resource partner’s name and phone number. Once the form is submitted, please notify your staff resource partner immediately by sending an email to

    Material quantities are limited and will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Student and Alumni Connections

    As Rutgers graduates, you know that Rutgers students are very active on campus and participate in hundreds of student-run clubs. The RUAA encourages you to make connections with the student clubs that share similar goals with your chartered alumni organization. Websites for New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden student clubs feature helpful directories. Consider offering to be a guest speaker at a student club’s next meeting, or invite student members to your next event. The opportunities to interact with Rutgers students are limitless. And when you do make the connection, you are helping make the RUAA stronger by involving the next generation of alumni—before they even graduate. For ideas and assistance with student engagement, contact Tara Massey-Kissenberth in the Alumni Relations office at

    Outside Vendors

    For a complete list of approved licensed vendors to work with for giveaways, publications, and other needs, visit Rutgers University Relations licensed vendors. The RUAA utilizes many of the vendors listed on the Rutgers University Relations site including the following:

    Corporate Advantage
    Craig Forshey
    Authorized Dealer of Kaeser & Blair
    41 Mecray Lane
    Maple Shade, New Jersey
    856-905-4505 l 

    Pride Products
    Alyssa Marchitto l Client Services Manager
    T: 973-564-6300 x109 l DD: 973-788-6991 I F: 973-564-6222  I

    Promote Your Team LLC
    Lauren Dill
    Phone: 1-866-913-0303 (Toll Free)
    Outside U.S: 703-372-5972
    Fax: 1-703-997-8339 l

    MRP Lawrence Marketing
    Janet Fifer Bolen
    130 Bedford Road
    Armonk, New York
    914-273-6200 X 24
    914-552-0263 (cell) l

    Promoting Your Event

    Calendar Listings and Registration Requests

    Online Alumni Events Calendar
    To submit an event for consideration on the Ralumni event calendar, please submit an Event Request Form.

    Registration Request
    If you would like to collect attendee information and payment for your events through an registration, please complete the Event Registration Request Form.
    Rutgers Magazine
    If you would like your event included in Rutgers Magazine, email event details, including event name, date, location, contact person, and sponsoring organization, to

    Online Campus Event Calendars

    Submit New Brunswick events here
    Submit Newark events here
    Submit Camden events here

    Broadcast Email Request Forms

    RUAA Chartered Organizations

    • The request form must be completed at least two weeks prior to the scheduled send date.

    Regional Clubs

    • Regional broadcast emails will mail on Wednesdays, with each typically allotted one broadcast email per month. The request form and text must be received by the Friday prior to the preferred send date.
    All Other Requests
    • All other Rutgers affiliates (including schools), must fill out the general broadcast email request form. This form must be completed at least two weeks prior to the scheduled delivery date. View a sample event invitation email.
    All broadcast email requests can be completed at

    Campus Newspapers and Radio Stations

    New Brunswick