Career and Networking Resources

Explore Job Search Resources Online

Looking for alternatives to corporate employment sites? Need guidance on résumés, interviewing, or other challenges? Visit the CareerKnight, RaiderNet, and RaptorLink career centers for a wide range of openings and information. For big-picture info and networking opportunities, you can also visit University Career Services or connect with thousands of Rutgers alumni through the Rutgers Alumni LinkedIn group.

Tap into Alumni Talent

Rutgers graduates are ready to take on the world—you know, because you’re one of them. If you’re seeking first-rate professional talent, contact University Career Services to post job openings and meet candidates who can help move your organization forward.

Bring Students on Board

Interested in hiring students for part-time work? The Job Location and Development Program. The program’s database is open to employers and all currently enrolled Rutgers students.

Share Career Insights on Camera

What’s the story of your working life? University Career Services and Candid Career invite you to sit down for a friendly video interview to describe your journey in your own words. It’s a great way to help current students understand your field and its opportunities. For more information about upcoming filming dates, email

Mentor the Next Generation

You can help students and young alumni find career solutions! Join an online network of Rutgers University–New Brunswick alumni who have volunteered to be professional mentors. Using your preferred means of contact, mentees will ask career-related questions, seek your advice, and gain insight into various industries.