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Volunteer Leadership Learning Series

As a benefit of being a chartered organization, alumni leaders are able to participate in the RUAA’s leadership sessions that are custom created based on your feedback. The goal of this ongoing series is to help support our alumni leaders to maintain and grow healthy charter groups by providing tools and resources, fostering new program ideas, and sharing best practices with fellow alumni.

Leadership Sessions from the 2015 Alumni Leadership Conference

New Standards and Resources
Presented by Kim Sciallo UCNB’97, SMLR’97 Chair, Alumni Leaders Council Committee
Jeff Linfante CC’85, NJDS’90 Chair, Alumni Leaders Council Subcommittee on Chartering
Squire Servance ENG’04 Chair, Alumni Leaders Council Subcommittee on Benefits and Resources

Communicating Forward
Tom Hammond Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations
Laura Stanik GSN’10 Associate Vice President, Foundation and Alumni Communications

Give: Impact and Opportunities
Ken Johnson ENG’66 Chair, RUAA Philanthropy Committee
Danielle Chirico SAS’12, Assistant Director of Millennial Philanthropy, Annual Giving
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Evolve: Keeping up with a Changing Alumni Body
Judith Curuso NUR’65, ’67, ’11, GSN’78 Rutgers School of Nursing Alumni Association
Ray Scarpa SN’08 Rutgers School of Nursing Alumni Association

Plan: 10 Strategies for a Successful Event
Michael Esposito SCJ’15, Rutgers Club of Washington, D.C.
Ashley Kodopidis, Special Events Coordinator, Alumni Relations
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Past Leadership Sessions

Building Leadership
Presented by Dana Shapiro
Associate Director of Volunteer Engagement, Rutgers Alumni Relations

Who RU? Branding Your Rutgers Identity
Presented by Laura Stanik GSN'10
Associate Vice President for Foundation and Alumni Communications
Katie Reilly
Assistant Director for Integrated Alumni Communications

Student Engagement: Building Community Through Shared Positive Experience

Presented by Jennifer Simon, Assistant Director of Major Events and Programs for Rutgers Student Life
Ryan Griffith, Director of Outreach for the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA)
Roxanne Dalere, Director of Marketing for the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA)
(If your chartered group would like to work with Student Life on an event or initiative, please contact Tara Massey-Kissenberth at tKissenberth@winants.rutgers.edu).

President's Report: Our Rutgers, Our Future

Nevin Kessler, President of the Rutgers University Foundation

RUAA Strategic Plan
Presented by Donna Thornton
Vice President for Alumni Relations
Tim Farrow CLAW'99
Vice Chair of the RUAA Board of Directors

Leadership Development: Developing Your Chartered Organization Strategic Plan
Presented by Mary Powers Nikola NCAS'75, GSE'97
Director of Leadership and Organizational Development at the Rutgers Center for Management and Development
Emil Sadloch
President of Sadloch Development Associates

The Rutgers Alumni Volunteer Information Network (RAVIN)
Presented by Mark P. Mehlman
Assistant Director, Office Of Undergraduate Admissions

What to Know About Insurance Coverage
Presented by James Breeding RC'75
Director of the Rutgers Department of Risk Management and Insurance

New Brunswick Homecoming 2010
Presented by Alumni Relations staff representatives from all three campuses

Career Services - Overcoming Recessions: How to Rise Above Economic Downturn
Presented by Nadine Alexandre 99’NCAS, 01’GMLR
Rutgers Business School

Career Services - Invigorating Your Job Search
Presented by Douglas J. Ricci and Andrew E. Seguel
Rutgers Career Services

Rutgers Alumni Card “Sneak Peek”
Presented by Jim Rhodes
Former Chair of the RUAA Board of Directors

The Online Community Training Session
Presented by the Alumni Relations communications staff

Career Services - In-Demand Skills for a Changing Economy
Presented by Jennifer Cleary
Heldrich Center for Workforce Development

Rutgers Alumni Volunteer Information Network (RAVIN)
Presented by Nancy Pullen and Kate Brittain
Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions

Communications 102
Tamara Remedios RC'97, RBS'97
RUAA Board of Directors

Communications 101
Tamara Remedios RC'97, RBS'97
RUAA Board of Directors

Best Practices for Funding
Presented by Christine Tiritilli DC'92
Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Leadership Session from the 2013 Alumni Leaders Conference

<href="http: tm_campaign="share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share'" target="_blank"> What's a Hashtag, Anyway?: Twitter 101  
Kaitlyn Zullo
Media Specialist, Rutgers Alumni Communications
</href="http:>Session Handout
Session Presentation

Leadership Sessions from the 2011 Alumni Leaders Conference

Alumni Day of Service
Presented by Gloria Wormley. UCNB'04, RUAA Board Member
Michael Williamson RBS'01

Sharing Your Success
Presented by Frank Hundley RC'86
RUAA Board Member

Creativity and Innovation: Sustaining Your Organziation
Presented by Saskia Agustin LC'04, SPAA'10
EOF Alumni Interest Group of Rutgers University Newark
Latino Alumni Association of Rutgers University

Legions in the Regions
Presented by Chuck Springler RC'85
Rutgers Club of New York City

Maximize Your Bandwidth to Engage Professional Alumni and Fulfill Your Mission!
Presented by Michael Christiaens CC'00
Rutgers Business School Alumni Association
Mari Boggiano RBS'04
rutgers Business School Alumni Association

Our Rutgers, Our Future
Presented by Carol Herring, President Rutgers University Foundation
Ron Wilson RC'71, Chair of the Board of Overseers

Leadership Sessions from 2010 Alumni Leaders Conference

Raleigh-Durham Club Case Study: Engaging Diverse Alumni
Presented by John Hiel RC'88
Rutgers Club of Raleigh-Durham

Developing the Right Leaders & Succession Planning
Presented by Christopher Castellano ENG'95
Engineering Alumni Society

Successful Event Tips
Presented by Kim Sciallo UCNB'97 and Lauren Lew UCNB'06
University College New Brunswick Alumni Assocaition

The Benefits of Collaboration
Presented by Justine Philyaw GSC'03
Rutgers Alumni Crew-Camden

RUAA Resources to Know and Use

Presented by Christine Tiritilli DC'92 and Yvette Choma-Martinez RBS'03, UCNB'03
Rutgers University Alumni Association

Leadership Sessions from 2009 Alumni Leaders Conference

Organizational Building Blocks
Presented by Gloria Wormley UCNB’04
Rutgers Club of Lehigh Valley (Rutgers Excellence in Alumni Leadership Award recipient)

Change Is Good
Presented by Jennifer Sneed RC’03, SCILS’03
School of Communication and Information Alumni Association

Tweet If You Love Rutgers
Presented by Jennifer O’Neill DC'95, SCILS'95, MCIS'03
Rutgers Club of San Francisco

Traditional Publications - Still Valid, Still Valued
Presented by Cara Bufanio MGSA'85
Rutgers Alumni Association

Fiscal Fitness - Life After Dues
Presented by Carlos Dequina NCAS’89
Rutgers Club of San Diego

You be the speaker!

Present a member of your alumni organization as a subject matter expert. The RUAA seeks alumni charter leaders to present their best practices to a captive audience of fellow alumni for one hour. Seminars offer an excellent opportunity for networking and leadership development. To be a guest speaker, contact Yvette at 848-932-1960 or ychoma@winants.rutgers.edu.

Additional resources for chartered organizations and the Alumni Leaders Council are available at