Scarlet Forever

The moment you graduated, you became a member of the Rutgers University Alumni Association. That means you belong to a worldwide community of more than 486,000 Rutgers alumni. With a network that big, you can always count on being able to participate in Rutgers events, get back in touch with friends, and show your scarlet spirit.

Stay Connected

The RUAA’s mission is clear: to help Rutgers alumni stay connected to the university and each other. With innovative programs, services, and volunteer opportunities, the RUAA is constantly developing new ways to support and benefit all Rutgers alumni. Membership is free for life and automatic upon graduation from Rutgers or any of its predecessor schools.

Get Involved

Connecting with Rutgers and with fellow alumni through the RUAA is fun, easy, and rewarding.
  • Special events bring alumni together for sports, entertainment, and family-friendly gatherings.
  • Chartered organizations build connections based on interests, school affiliations, or geographic areas.
  • Benefits of RUAA membership include travel programs, affordable insurance coverage, the RUAA Visa® card, and more.
  • Volunteer opportunities empower alumni to support Rutgers while making a difference in their communities.