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RUAA By-Laws and Constitution

The policies and procedures that currently exist for the Rutgers University Alumni Association can be found in the Constitution and By-Laws adopted by the Rutgers University Board of Governors in April 2008. The privileges, responsibilities, and process may also be considered policies and procedures of the RUAA.

Note that just as the alumni associations and the Rutgers University Alumni Federation did, the RUAA and the Department of Alumni Relations currently abide by all university policies and procedures and we are asking that chartered groups continue this practice.

As with any developing organization, new policies and procedures may need to be developed from time to time and existing ones revisited for amendment or deletion. The RUAA anticipates that as those needs arise, the policies and procedures will be developed in consultation with the committees of the RUAA Board and with transparency to the alumni community.  

Please view the operational guidelines of the Rutgers University Alumni Association here:

RUAA By-Laws (PDF)
RUAA Constitution (amended May 26, 2011) (PDF)