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Alumni Leaders Council

About the Council

The Rutgers Alumni Leaders Council is an assembly of volunteer alumni leaders, including members of the RUAA Board, leaders of the chartered alumni organizations, at-large members, and university partners who share in the RUAA’s vision. While the council’s members are involved with the RUAA and the university in diverse ways, their membership on the council does not represent any individual group or interest, but rather serves the entire alumni body.

The council officially convenes at least once annually, at the Alumni Leaders Conference. The Alumni Leaders Conference is generally held on or near campus in the fall.  The conference is an event where council members gather to share best practices and new ideas in alumni engagement.  It is an opportunity to network with each other and university leadership. The council is also responsible for ratifying the slate of RUAA Board officers and board members annually.

Other Leadership Opportunities

Join the Board!

The Board of Directors of the Rutgers University Alumni Association is a group of 20 volunteers who represent the diverse interests of our 470,000 alumni worldwide. Board members influence major alumni and university initiatives, develop new skills and contacts, and give back to Rutgers in unprecedented ways.

Learn more and nominate yourself or an alumni colleague for a position on the RUAA Board here.

University Senate Nominations

Nominations are also sought for the position of Alumni Senator on the University Senate. The University Senate sets the university calendar, regulates the relationships between the various disciplines, and discusses, formulates, and advises the president and the Board of Governors on virtually every major academic and policy question affecting the Rutgers community.

Learn more and nominate yourself or an alumni colleague for a position on University Senate here.