About Clubs and Groups

If you’ve been wanting to connect with Rutgers alumni who share your interests or live nearby, getting involved with an alumni group is a great way to do that. Alumni groups are chartered organizations run by dedicated alumni volunteers in affiliation with the RUAA.

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There are all kinds of reasons to create or join an alumni group. It could be to share a favorite hobby, do philanthropic work, network with like-minded professionals, or build scarlet pride in your region. Graduates with ties to specific Rutgers schools or student organizations often form groups, too.

Not Sure Which Group is for You?

Regional—alumni living in a particular region
Professional—alumni who work in the same field or profession who are looking to network and develop their careers
School/College—alumni who attended a particular school or were part of a particular academic program while attending Rutgers
Interest/Activity—alumni who were part of a specific interest group as students, or alumni who currently share specific interests

Start a New Group

Still searching for a group that meets your needs? You can create one! The RUAA wants to help and empower you in forming your club or group.

Find Leader Resources

There’s a ton of information and resources available online for alumni group leaders. You’ll find guidance on building a website, event planning and promotion, business and finance, and other relevant topics. Helping you grow and succeed as an alumni leader: that’s one of the RUAA’s top priorities.